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Why Join Us?

  1. We secure your investments in a Governmental registered entity.
  2. We find and search genuine land for you.
  3. Deposit and Installment purchase is allowed.
  4. Title deeds in two months after completion.
  5. You buy properties at cost hence saving for more investments.
  6. We provide free investments opportunity to give your child a future inheritance.
  7. We notify you through sms and email when opportunities strike.
  8. No Brokerage or profit element factored on members’ price.
  9. Join arguably the fastest growing co-operative society.
  10. We offer an opportunity to give your child a future inheritance.
  11. No balloting we allocate on first come first served basis.
  12. Sell your right in phase without losing your membership.
  13. Join Network of investors and benefit from shares appreciation.
  14. Value addition to our projects like social amenities and commercial sports.
  15. We cater for individuals and groups membership.
  16. We facilitate ‘2 in one’ and ‘3 in one’ ownership of plots in every phase.

How To Become A Member

  1. Register and pay Ksh.2000/=
  2. Get membership number from the office.
  3. Purchase Minimum 2 shares worth Ksh.7000 each for Ksh.14000
  4. Get a share certificate in 7 days
  5. Start Identifying a project and invest in it.

Why Buy Shares?

  1. You will earn annual dividends.
  2. You will buy plots and houses at cost.
  3. You can transfer your shares to your children as an inheritance or sell at prevailing market price.
  4. Get a share certificate in 7 days
  5. Use the shares certificate as loan security