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Juja Annex Project is the second Phase of the Nyumba Mia Model Project being executed by Urithi Housing Co-operative Ltd. The project aims at providing middle income earners with Three Bedroom residential house that are fit for a family set-up.

Juja Plains Annex is the fourth Nyumba Mia concept in the history of UHCSL. The units were launched in late 2016 and sold overwhelmingly at the off plan stage.

We had a mobilization period of about 9 months before construction commenced. The project has 152 units and 9 shops on the commercial block. Ground breaking of the project was done in May 2017.

Project Status

The project is currently undergoing, with Substructure works for all units complete, walling for almost all units done or toward being complete, with 74 units having completed Installation of roofs.

  • Works are ongoing on site.

Current Main works done and being undertaken.

Roofing works: This works are continuing at a very steady pace so as to enable us to pick up on the internal plastering works and fixing of internal fixtures. Currently 74 houses have been roofed. Only 6 houses are yet to be roofed in the upper section containing 80 houses.

  • Truss formation ongoing for 9 houses and has begun for the lower section of the site.
  • Fixing of iron sheets ongoing for 6 houses.
  • Construction of blundering is ongoing for 20 houses.
  • Fixing of Fisher Boards is also ongoing for the houses being trussed.

Fixing of Steel Casement Doors and Windows:

These works are still ongoing and are been done simultaneously with the plastering of the cement moldings around the windows.

Backfilling Works:

Back filling works are taking place for both the foundation as well as filling up of areas that are not level on the roads, it was noted that during the rains certain areas formed puddles of water, this highlighted the drainage and earth works which we need to execute. Part of these works have started and are on course.

Casting of ground floor slabs.

These works are going on well with setting of the steel reinforcement done for some units

Setting of Lintel Beams:

Setting of the beams using marine board form work is on course. We’ve adapted the use of marine boards to help us improve on the speed we cast beams at, as they are both easier to set and remove and can be reused several time while still achieving structural sound beams that are aesthetically pleasing.

Below you’ll find the pictorial section highlighting the above areas that we have been working on in the order listed above:


Roofing works: Truss formation and installation of ironing sheets ongoing.

Fixing of steel casement doors and windows ongoing.

Backfilling is done for units that were still at Substructure. Rapid construction of superstructure walls to follow.


 The earthworks affecting drainage are next with an aim to fill up the area of the roads and pave way for construction of drainage channels.


Casting of ground floor slabs on course.


  • Works on site are being executed to the required standard and are ongoing well. Works that are currently still being given priority are:
  • Backfilling of the few remaining units at foundation level.
  • Completing fixing of steel and casement doors on all roofed units is still ongoing as we continue to roof more and more units,
  • Plans were made during the last status meeting to provide three sample houses, one for how the units will look under the current plan, a standard finish and a delux finish. The execution
    is already underway but we request that the delivery time be pushed up to March for us to comprehensively finish these works.


  • While we having been trying to complete roof works and external walling’s our focus has also been on the earthworks necessary to be done on the roads and the drainage works
  • We have done a lot of excavation and backfilling and continue to do so with the aim of completing the earth works (especially road works). Currently we have moved over 2000
    lorries of poor soils mostly cotton soil out of the site and are still in the process of backfilling with proper hardcore and murram.
  •  As we have come to the end of roofing for the first half of the site, our attention now shifts to the roofing of the units from no 83-139 and the finishing of the superstructure walling for
    the few units remaining.