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As we continue working towards increasing investment opportunities to our members, serving them better in and beyond the region, it is time to reflect on how far we have come, learn from our experience and celebrate milestones achieved. As we reflect on the journey, one of the clear paths to a better URITHI HOUSING is to bring in change through provision of affordable investment solutions through innovation, and commitment in everything we set to do!

This has been an exciting year for us as a housing co-operative as we mark our 7th year of existence, and more so as our shareholders numbers keep on soaring high. We celebrate all our members whose faith and trust in us keeps our desire and commitment to achieve our mission fresh.

To our Board, Management, Staff and Sales executives, the journey begins every dawn with the zeal to serve and empower our members.
I commend you all for the confidence and passion you portray and drive the organization with.

Going forward and in order to stay ahead of our competition, we must remain agile, continuously innovative and drive efficiency in all our systems and processes. The desire to win and succeed and the urge to reach our full potential are the answers that will lead us to our excellence.

Urithi continues to become a household name and we hence aspire to ensure that we reach the young and old, all socio-economic classes, so as to empower them not only through property ownership, but also providing investment knowledge.

As the government and other investors join the journey of providing affordable housing in Kenya, we are proud to set the pace, and we can only be proud of the positive impact that Urithi Housing has had on its members and employees at large. God Bless Urithi.


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